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Why November is the Best Month

by Nick Brunt November is the month everybody loves to hate. According to its many detractors, November has no identity, no real holidays, and simply serves as a buffer between the more charismatic and noteworthy months of Halloween and Christmas. However, in my opinion, these people are objectively wrong. By delving deeper into this disparaged

Remembrance Day

by Nick Brunt The morning of November 11, 1918 began like any other in the trenches of the Great War. The long lines of sandbags and barbed wire, cut like wounds at the edges of the bare, earthen battlefields of Europe, lay quiet save for the distant sound of firing artillery. The previous four years,

All You Need is Ghost

by Alex Zelensky Meliora is the third studio album from Swedish doom metal group, Ghost. If you’ve never heard of them, Ghost is currently composed of the main vocalist Papa Emeritus III and five nameless Ghouls. The identities of all the band members have remained anonymous throughout the band’s years of activity. Papa Emeritus has

Road Culture Around the World

by David Bailey It’s September, and your Facebook wall has probably already been inundated by photos from your friends who travelled during the summer, who have endless stories of food, people, scenery, and happy-ending Thai massages. I too got to do some travelling this summer, but I want to share with you something different. One

McGill E-Trips: Colloquial Madness

Thanks to significant financial support from the civil and mechanical engineering departments and the dedicated work of the student executives, the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society (CEUS) and the McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers (MAME) are able to offer their students an unforgettable weekend trip to various cities in eastern Canada. These weekend trips have been