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Do Androids Dream of Gainful Employment?

The Future of Work (and Engineering) in an Automated World By Nick Brunt While dreaming up the future of humanity’s relationship with technology in the 1940s, influential science fiction writer Isaac Asimov imagined the famous “Three Laws of Robotics”, a comprehensive set of rules designed to prevent any possible conflict between man and his ever-advancing

McGill Engineering Design Teams 2016-17

By Fariha Hassan   McGill Engineering has always had a great reputation when it comes to learning all the theoretical aspects of engineering. However, engineering is not meant to be only learned in the classroom behind a desk. Aside from laboratory components in some of our courses, you might be wondering where you could get

The American Election

While Canada still hums along in its honeymoon phase with be¬loved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, complaining only about the exchange rate and how bad the Habs are this year, just south of the border, some are preparing for war at the polling booth as Americans vote for Presidential candidates. Democrats Does Bernie Have A Chance?

Hey you! Yes, you! HELP ME!!!

Urgghh… My head… Where am I?  Why is everything so bright?  Literally cannot deal with this right now. Hello?  HELLO! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?!? Still nothing… Okaaaay… I guess things could be worse, right?  How did I even get here, wherever “here” is? Oh! Hey, you!  Don’t look away! I know you can see me!

Move to the Clouds?

When first asked what ‘the cloud’ is, a majority respond that it’s either an actual cloud, the sky, or something related to weather. There have been countless mentions of “cloud storage” in the press and on the internet over the past few years. Many people in the industry have praised the idea and stated how